Through our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) services, we specialise in supporting adults with autism, learning disabilities, mental health and other conditions who sometimes display behaviours that other people may find challenging.

The PBS approach we take across all our residential and community-based services is person-centred, educational, pro-active and respectful, whilst encouraging individuals to be as independent and as safe as possible. As a result of this approach, detailed plans and a well trained staff team, the use of restrictive medication and episodes of restraint can be reduced, and overall quality of life for the individual improved.


Our PBS specialists will assess the relationship between the behaviours that challenge and other aspects of the person’s life and environment, as well as working together with everyone associated with the individual. A personalised support plan is then developed with guidance for our staff teams to follow.

We take a person-centred approach so we can identify which areas of support will be most helpful to each individual, and will work with those that we support to ensure that their choices and goals are at the heart of everything that we do. Throughout our Inspired 4 Care services, our aim is to:

  • Develop behaviour support programmes
  • Identify triggers for challenging behaviour
  • Improve someone’s quality of life
  • Help the people we support to manage their behaviour in positive ways
  • Model strategies and work with care and support teams to ensure best practice
  • Evaluate and review a person’s individual progress